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Role of the Chair

The Chair creates a focal point for fundamental and applied research in the field of built heritage. Linked to the Faculty's M.A. and Ph.D. programmes in environmental design, the Chair works closely with the Masters in conservation of the built environment, the  M.Sc.A en Aménagement, option Conservation de l'environnement bâti (CEB), a programme that is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach to conservation issues.

Situated on a campus and in a city with a wealth and diversity of built heritage, the Chair draws on the considerable human and documentary resources of four universities as well as the Canadian Centre for Architecture. The landscapes and cultural heritage of Montreal provide a living laboratory to test cutting-edge theoretical models of conservation practice.  

The Chair embraces a vision for heritage conservation that is oriented toward the future and open to the world. With a view to building the future by valuing the past, the Chair seeks to stimulate a dialogue at the local, national and international level on the complex issues of conservation and development of built heritage.