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Mélissa Mars

Student at the Chair since 2015

Masters Candidate
Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage, Faculté de l'aménagement

Mélissa Mars

Mélissa Mars holds a degree in interior design from the Haute École des Arts et du Design (HEAD) of Geneva (Switzerland). Before joining the Masters Program in Conservation of the Built Environment at Université de Montréal, she worked on several renovation projects and on site restorations, which allowed her to pursue her reflection on the conservation of interiors.

Melissa is currently enrolled in the Masters as a second year student. Her dissertation deals with the enhancement and interpretation of interiors of heritage value, a research she has undertaken under the supervision of Claudine Déom. As a research assistant for the Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage, she is also working on the study undertaken for the City of Montreal which aims to pinpoint different existing methods and practises used to identify, protect and manage interiors in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada, the US and worldwide.   

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