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Inventory of works of art integrated to architecture

Mural by artist Claude Théberge at Joseph-François-Perrault school, 1966.

This inventory will allow the identification of the works of art, their location (inside or outside the schools) and their documentation (materials, size, artist, etc.). An assessment of their state of conservation will also be provided to the Montreal School Board as well of an evaluation of their heritage value. This information will be stored in a database that will assist building managers in their decisions regarding physical interventions to the schools.

Research team:

Claudine Déom, Danielle Doucet (Adjunct Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal), Laure Émery (student and now graduate of the Masters program in Conservation of the Built Environment).

Since 2000, this research partnership between the School of Architecture at the Université de Montréal (then taken over by the Chair in 2006) focuses on the conservation of the architecture of the schools of the Commission scolaire de Montréal. The research results aim at guiding the physical interventions at the schools with regard to the conservation of their specific architectural characteristics. In 2007, the Guide d’interventions architecturales pour les édifices scolaires was published and a publication on Art Deco architecture and the schools in 2010. Both are available (in French) on the CSDM website.

Study of World Heritage criteria used for 19th century port cities

Carried out in 2006 and 2007, this research was done for the Ville de Montréal with the goal of deepening knowledge on the criteria used by the World Heritage Committee for the inscription of 19th century cities with commercial port facilities. The project was carried out in two stages: the preparation of an inventory of relevant World Heritage Sites, followed by an analysis of the criteria and statements of outstanding universal value used to justify inscription. The report was intended to contribute to a reflection on the possibility of proposing a sector of the Ville de Montréal for World Heritage inscription.

Research team: Christina Cameron, Daniel Da Silva, Christiane Lefebvre