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Heritage Values as seen by the public: Case Studies

This research, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Insight Development Grant), aims to explore the meaning of social value in cultural heritage by the study of 5 different public places in Canada and their appreciation by the public who use them and by experts in conservation. The goal is to explore new heritage evaluation criteria related to use; to enhance knowledge about landscape architecture projects in Canada designed between 1945 and 1970, and to further the reflection about the integration of social value in heritage assessments and its application to other aspects of the built environment.

The case studies presented are the result of the documentation and evaluation phases of the research. A multidisciplinary team composed of experts in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and conservation assessed the value of the sites.

Research Team: Nicole Valois, principal researcher; Claudine Déom, co-researcher; Christina Cameron, collaborator; Research assistants: Judith Herrmann (Ph.D. Aménagement), Émilie Vézina-Doré (Masters in the Conservation of the Built Environment), Ève Wertheimer (Ph.D. Aménagement), David Murray (Masters in the Conservation of the Built Environment), Eva Novoa (Masters in Landscape Architecture), Laeticia Chastel (Undergraduate Program in Landscape Architecture).