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Wind Turbines and Landscape: towards Sustainable Development

Participants at the 2013 Round Table.

The 8th Montreal Round Table (2013) discussed the question of sustainable development in relationship to wind farms and cultural landscapes. Although wind energy has been used to produce electricity since the late 19th century, it is only in the 21st century that large concentrations of wind turbines have appeared in the landscape. Environmental concern for the impact of greenhouse gases on the world’s climate has led to the development of new green sources of energy. There are differing opinions about wind farms. The 2013 Montreal Round Table discussed the relationship between two socially beneficial phenomena: wind farms and landscapes. The tension in choosing between these two public goods is evident in the disparity between polling results that show how Canadians have a positive opinion of wind energy while at the same time they raise concerns about the establishment of wind farms near their own communities. The workshop explored approaches to reconcile the conservation of with the production of green energy. The Proceedings are available in PDF format.