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Julian Smith, "The Restoration of the Vimy Memorial"

The Vimy Memorial following restoration in 2007.

As leader of an international conservation team, architect Julian Smith recounted the lengthy restoration work at Vimy Memorial in France, a project that began in 2004 and ended with a re-dedication ceremony in 2007. This iconic monument commemorates Canada’s contribution to the First World War. Designed in the 1920s by Canadian sculptor Walter Allward, the monument is starkly modern in its design. Smith described the complexity of searching for matching white limestone, eventually found in a Roman-era quarry in Seget, Croatia, and the care with which the engraved names of those Canadian soldiers were replaced. The public conference took place 2009 at the Pavillon de la Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montreal, A book by Julian Smith and Jacqueline Hucker entitled Vimy: Canada’s Memorial to a Generation was published in 2012 by Sanderling Press